City of Maize, Kansas Highlights "Where Community Counts"
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City of Maize "Where Community Counts"
Maize Highlights
Academy Arts District Master Plan

Academy Arts District


The City of Maize is developing a Master Plan to create a safe and walkable core in the community, a place of identity that lets people know they are in Maize. Academy Avenue and Park Avenue were identified as destination points for reimagining this  experience in Maize. The first step is to identify a cohesive community vision for the future of the district - whether you live, work, visit, or just travel through Maize, we want to hear from you!

You are invited to attend participate in a community survey and share your ideas about current conditions, future possibilities, and what "Academy Arts" means to you.


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Maize Fall Festival - October 19-20, 2018

Maize Fall Festival

Maize Fall Festival this year will be October 19th and 20th at WSU West (37th and Maize Road).

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Maize In Motion

Maize in Motion

The City is developing a plan, Maize in Motion, to make bicycling and walking in Maize easier and safer. 

It will identify a future city-wide pedestrian and bicycle network, along with other improvements (parking, signage, and lighting). Maize in Motion will also suggest linkages to surrounding communities for regional connectivity. During the effort, the City, WAMPO, and Core Team will reach out to community members for feedback on issues, opportunities, recommendations, and priorities.

Visit the following links to learn more about Maize in Motion and to provide your opinions on what you would like in a city-wide pedestrian and bicycle network.

City of Maize Updates

City Administrator Richard LaMunyon

From the City Administrator - July 2018:

As the summer of 2018 arrives, City growth and development continues in a positive and encouraging manner. The expansion of housing, commercial and industrial development throughout the city remains constant and progressive. The building design standards established years ago have stimulated a quality of growth criteria we can all be proud of. A few updates on current activities include:

  • Kyodo Yushi Manufacturing Americas’ plant will be completed later this year resulting in about thirty-five new employees.
  • Aero-Tech’s third expansion in the past three years, will be completed by winter with an additional twenty-five employees.
  • Monsanto Agriculture offices will be completed this fall with new employment opportunities. Shuttle Aerospace Manufacturing will begin construction this month and will eventually employ forty people.
  • Cypress Point housing addition is underway. Streets and infrastructure are in place and the construction of twenty-eight new quality patio homes begins.
  • Thirty-five new single-family housing permits have been issued this year.
  • Fifteen new tri-plexes are to be built in the Hampton Lakes addition, with construction to begin this summer.
  • The first phase of the Copper Creek Apartment complex is underway.
  • The 119th waterline project is progressing on schedule. When completed the water service for domestic, commercial, industrial and fire protection capabilities will be enhanced throughout the city.
  • The construction and expansion of the wastewater plant is nearing completion. This will double the current wastewater plant capacity and serve our city’s needs many years into the future.

Good things are happening in Maize.

Richard LaMunyon
City Administrator

Budget Updates

This year’s budget is meeting projected expectations. As in past years, revenues and expenditures are following budget estimates. It’s anticipated this pattern will continue throughout the year. Financial planning and stability are important keys in ensuring quality customer service and employee empowerment to achieve desired results.

The planning process for the 2019 city budget is underway. For the 12th straight year, the City will NOT increase the tax mill levy amount. Next year through personnel training, equipment upgrades and the management of existing resources, the ever-increasing demands for city services will continued to be achieved. The 2019 budget proposal, while frugal in nature, will accomplish the required operation demands and ensure financial stability. Plans to enhance some reserve funds for utilities and economic development are also under review. Previous financial planning and appropriate council policies along with a strong economic growth have provided a stable financial environment.

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"

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