City of Maize, Kansas Highlights "Where Community Counts"
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City of Maize "Where Community Counts"
Maize Highlights
Academy Arts District Master Plan

Academy Arts District


The City of Maize is developing a Master Plan to create a safe and walkable core in the community, a place of identity that lets people know they are in Maize. Academy Avenue and Park Avenue were identified as destination points for reimagining this  experience in Maize. The first step is to identify a cohesive community vision for the future of the district - whether you live, work, visit, or just travel through Maize, we want to hear from you!

You are invited to attend participate in a community survey and share your ideas about current conditions, future possibilities, and what "Academy Arts" means to you.


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Maize In Motion

Maize in Motion

The City is developing a plan, Maize in Motion, to make bicycling and walking in Maize easier and safer. 

It will identify a future city-wide pedestrian and bicycle network, along with other improvements (parking, signage, and lighting). Maize in Motion will also suggest linkages to surrounding communities for regional connectivity. During the effort, the City, WAMPO, and Core Team will reach out to community members for feedback on issues, opportunities, recommendations, and priorities.

Visit the following links to learn more about Maize in Motion and to provide your opinions on what you would like in a city-wide pedestrian and bicycle network.

City of Maize Updates

City Administrator Richard LaMunyon

From the City Administrator - September 2018:

The annual “State of the City” address was presented during the September City Council meeting. This address provides a general status of city operations, growth and development and projections for the next year and beyond.

Clearly, it has been another positive and exceptionally successful year for us. The city continues to progress in a constructive and controlled manner. Each day, hundreds of workers arrive in our city to work, build and contribute. During the past twelve months, millions of outside dollars have been invested to expend our city for growth and development, to add new families, new residents and new workers to Maize. We remain “a shining star example for Sedgwick County & the State” in terms of growth, development and operational excellence.

This affirming progression did not just happen “by chance”. The results illustrate the continuing constructive and quality productivity from employees, staff & the Governing Body. Ongoing prior planning, utilizing well-established and consistent City Council policies, with the application of comprehensive management and organizational practices have been the keys for success.

Demands for Service
As grows the city so grows the demands for service! This demand is being addressed by positive, valuable employees working in a stable environment to provide the quality service you deserve.

Good things are happening in Maize!

Richard LaMunyon
City Administrator

Budget Updates

  • Housing
    For over ten years the City has added an annual average of fifty-two new single-family homes. With fifty new housing permits already issued, this year will be no exception. The six currently active housing developments, along with the two new approved housing developments and others under discussion, plus the continuing construction of the Copper Creek 300-unit luxury Apartment Complex to open next year, will insure housing expansion in Maize will remain strong. In addition, the recently opened 280-unit luxury Watercress Apartment Complex has 97% occupancy.
  • Population
    The 2010 census listed the Maize population at 3,420 residents. The last Census Bureau population estimate was provided in 2016 at 4,438 residents. Since that time, based on a very conservative estimate, another 750 new residents now reside in our city. Of course, if you pick a day when all schools are in session, including WSU, you need to add a few thousand more to that figure.
  • New Jobs
    During 2016 and 2017 approximately 250 new manufacturing jobs have been generated in Maize. The Maize Industrial Park continues to expand. Another estimated 50 positions have been added this year alone. The trend will continue into 2019 as several other plants are scheduled to begin operations. The Kyodo Yushi plant, Mansanto plant, Shuttle Aerospace plant and one other yet to be named will bring new employees to Maize.
  • Project Update
    The new addition to the Wastewater plant is now complete and operational. The million-gallon capacity will meet the needs of our growing community and serve our community for many years into the future.

    The new 119th water main project is online. This additional water supply provides enhanced fire protection and also offers a complete backup water supply for all of Maize. As the city continues to expand the water supply required to accommodate this growth is in place.

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"

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