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City of Maize "Where Community Counts"
Maize Highlights

What's Happening Around Maize

Bulk Waste Coupon Program

Bulk Waste Coupon Program

The City of Maize is issuing coupons that allow Maize Residents to take bulk waste of up to 1,000 pounds to the Waste Connections Transfer Station, 4300 W 37th St. North at no charge. Bearer of coupon is responsible for any cost incurred above $32.00 or 1,000 pounds (1/2 ton).

You can pick up your coupon at City Hall but please be aware that this is for Maize Residents only. You will need to show your ID with proof of City Residency or a water utility bill in order to receive a coupon. You will also need to show your ID or water utility bill at the Transfer Station.

Make sure you pick up your coupon early! There are only 175 available. The coupons expire September 30, 2018.

Bulk Waste may include:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Countertops, toilets, vanities, showers and bathtubs
  • Large appliances: stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers
  • Console televisions and large televisions

Things that are NOT allowed:

  • Tires
  • Appliances with Freon
  • Hazardous materials
  • Liquids
  • Commercially generated construction
  • Demolition materials

Tree City USA

Arbor Day Foundation Names Maize Tree City USA

Maize was named a 2017 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to effective urban forest management.

Maize achieved Tree City USA recognition by meeting the program's four requirements: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita and an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

"Tree City USA communities see the impact an urban forest has in a community first hand," said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. "Additionally, recognition brings residents together and creates a sense of community pride, whether it's through volunteer engagement or public education."

Trees provide multiple benefits to a community when properly planted and maintained. They help to improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.

More information on the program is available at

Maize Splash Pad

Maize Splash Pad

The Maize Splash Pad is NOW OPEN!  The pad is located in the city park at 401 S. Khedive and will be open daily from 9 AM to 8 PM.  There is no cost to use the splash pad.  Have a fun and wet summer!

Lawn Mower

Mowing Season Reminder

As the property owner/occupant, it is your responsibility to mow and maintain the ditches and utility easements, as well as your front, side, and back lawns.

Blowing your grass clippings into a storm water drain is Illegal. Maize storm water drains flow into federally protected bodies of fresh water. Never blow or sweep yard waste or trash into storm drains as it can result in a federal fine. Sweep your grass clipping and reuse as compost, mulch or dispose in a trash bin.

If you have questions please contact Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Greep at 316-722-7561.

Public Tornado Shelters

Public Tornado Shelters

Public Tornado Shelters are located in the basement of the Community Building at 401 S. Khedive (enter via the east lower/basement enrance) and City Hall, 10100 W Grady Ave. (enter via the storm shelter entrance on the front side of the building near the flag poles).

The shelters will be unlocked by the Maize Police Department when a Tornado Watch is issued for Sedgwick County or when forecasts predict a significant severe weather threat effecting the city of Maize.

City of Maize Updates

City Administrator Richard LaMunyon

From the City Administrator - April 2018:

  1. What is the process for replacing the Mayor & a City Councilmember?

    With the sudden and unexpected death of our long-time respected and honored Mayor Clair Donnelly, an opening on the Maize governing body occurred.   Some people have inquired as to the process involved in filling his position. The City Council is comprised of five Councilmembers and a Mayor.  Each qualified candidate is elected to serve a four-year term.  Within the City Council one member is elected to serve as “Council President.” The President fulfills the Mayor’s duties when the Mayor is unavailable to do so.  In our situation, the State law reads in part: “the president of the council shall become mayor until the next regular city election and the vacancy created in the office of the council member becoming mayor shall be filled by the governing body of the city. Thereupon the council shall elect from its membership a new president of the council”.

  2. Mayor Donna Clasen

    By this law, the Council President Donna Clasen became our Mayor.  Donna is a longtime member of the City Council and has served as Council President for over fourteen years. She has been instrumental in defining the positive policies that have led to the success our city has achieved. She has also served as a member of the Maize Board of Education and as a member of the Maize Planning Commission.
  3. Council Member Jennifer Herington

    Mayor Clasen recommended Jennifer Herington to fill her open position on the Council.  The Council members unanimously approved the recommendation.  Jennifer is a graduate of Wichita State University. While attending college she worked with several law offices. For the past ten years she has served as the Credentialing and Contract Specialist for KU Wichita Medical Practice Association. She is a member of the Kansas Association of Medical Staff Services. She has been a member of the Maize Park and Tree Board for six years and was serving as President at the time of this appointment.  She has also been a member of the Maize Planning Commission for the past five years. When Jennifer is not busy with her three boys and family, she enjoys gardening, reading and painting.
  4. Council President Pat Stivers

    At the March Council meeting, Councilmember Pat Stivers was unanimously elected by the Council to serve as Council President. Pat is beginning his third term with the Governing body and served for six years on the Maize Planning commission prior to that.

    Despite the tragic circumstances, it was a smooth transition within the governing body. Mayor Donna, Pat and Jennifer will serve their terms through the 2021 calendar year.
  5. City Operations

    A brief update on some City Operations include:
    • The new 119th Street water main project will begin construction this month. Completion will take about four months.
    • The new Wastewater Plant expansion is now operational. The original plant area is under renovation to be completed later in the year.
    • The bid selection process is underway for two grants received.  One will provide a city-wide sidewalk/walkability study.  The other is for future plans of the Academy Arts district in our city.
    • The current budget is within projected limits and development plans for the 2019 budget are beginning.
    • The infrastructure construction for the new Cypress Point Addition housing development along 37th street is well underway.
    • The Industrial Park development continues to expand.
    • City Park expansion plans are under consideration.

Good things are happening in Maize.

Richard LaMunyon
City Administrator

City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

"Where Community Counts"

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