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2017 City Budget Facts

October, 2016

In August of this year the City Council passed a $6.9 million city budget for 2017.

This is a budget that will not increase the tax mill levy rate.  At the same time the 2017 budget will maintain city service levels, in the face of ever increasing demands.

Proper long range financial planning, continued economic development, quality employees with  appropriate equipment and training has been the key for this success.

Where does the money come from?

Where does the money comes from?

  • Property tax = 34%
  • Sales tax = 14%
  • Fees = 21%
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Court
    • Franchise
    • Miscellaneous
  • Utility revenues = 27%
    • Water
    • Wastewater
  • Other =  4%
  • Total Revenue = 100%

Where does the money go?
Where does the money go?

  • Public Works = 20%
    • Personnel
    • Street operations
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Equipment
    • Training
  • Police = 14%
    • Personnel
    • Equipment
    • Training
  • Administration = 9%
    • Personnel
    • Equipment
    • Training
  • Employee Benefits = 9 %
  • Reserve Funds = 11%
    • Capital Improvements
    • Equipment reserves
  • Debt Service = 37%
    • Approximately 50% is special debt Paid for by property owners.
    • Another 30% paid by utilities income
    • About 20% paid by general fund

From a fiduciary posture the budget and the process remains on a solid foundation. A mill-levy increase has not been necessary for several years and one is not anticipated in the future.  The City enjoys a Bond Rating of "AA-", which provides the city the ability to acquire lower interest rates.  During this year alone, the refinancing of some outstanding bonds has provided an overall bond saving in the amount due of $470,000.00.

During the 2017 budget year additional personnel is not anticipated.  Also there are no plans for any major purchases of new additional equipment.  Long range plans for the 2018 budget are already underway. Some enhancements for the Police Department and Public Works will be considered.  Also beginning in 2018 the state-imposed property tax lid will go into effect. The current form of the law is "conflicting" and will require clarification.  However, whatever the outcome we will work with it.

City of Maize
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